Apprenticeship projects typically require 20+ hours to complete, following an apprenticeship model. Teachers break down a complete project into multiple modules and guide students through a mentorship-style interaction, encouraging active participation and hands-on exploration and fostering their autonomy in learning and problem-solving.
In a relaxed and enjoyable working environment, children engage in Apprenticeship projects to learn new skills and knowledge, gradually developing an engineering mindset. They collaborate with teachers and fellow students to explore, test, and find optimal solutions, gaining valuable practical experience and teamwork skills.
The apprenticeship projects offer a diverse range, including human-powered electric car design, electric balance bike manufacturing, DIY 3D printer, DIY arcade game machine innovation camp, core infrared combat robot design camp, combat robot design camp, intelligent home design camp, minicomputer innovation camp, and more. Through these projects, students can immerse themselves in a guided apprenticeship, deepening their learning and applying knowledge while fostering practical abilities and creativity.
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