About Us

MGA STEM Academy boasts an intense research and teaching team. What sets us apart from many other STEM education institutions is that our research team consists of actual engineers. They have extensive hands-on experience in fields such as mechanical engineering, electronics, programming, and more. Guided by the spirit of engineering, they have developed a set of curricula tested and proven in practice. Over the years, we have maintained close collaborations with renowned drone and robotics companies, constantly updating and iterating our product system.

MGA also has multiple subject matter experts, including Ph.D. graduates from esteemed institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and BU. This enhances our professional capabilities and expertise. However, please note that MGA STEM Academy does not have teachers; we have a group of "senior" engineers willing to pass on their knowledge. MGA also does not have students; instead, we have a group of young engineers who have a passion for STEM and come to work every day.

MGA Team

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