Ignite Creativity, Engineer the Future

MGA is committed to creating a space for children to explore freely and an open creative environment. It aims to provide an immersive engineering education experience, enabling more children to become independent and unlock their engineering genius. One critical skill MGA emphasizes is the ability to identify and solve problems. Children are encouraged to approach challenges with an engineering mindset, fostering their ability to solve problems effectively. They can systematically address problems and find innovative solutions by applying critical thinking, analytical skills, and creativity. This approach cultivates their problem-solving abilities and enables them to think like engineers when facing real-world challenges.


MGA independently develops science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) educational products and courses, focusing on the three major content areas of mechanics, electronics, and programming. This forms a unique ecosystem for educational content development and product integration. We have created an innovative STEM education approach that involves a 1:1 replication of the product development process in the real world, enabling children to "solve problems like engineers." As a result, at MGA, 3D printing, robotics, programming, and other subjects are no longer taught as separate courses but as tools to be learned and utilized repeatedly in problem-solving.

MGA Courses
MGA Academy consists of three components: Genius Workshop, Makers Club and Apprenticeship. They revolve around three major content modules: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering , and programming control. The course design follows a spiral model, and the curriculum implementation is organized based on the "heart, mind, and skills" model. It supports kids in understanding, exploring, and applying the knowledge they have learned, cultivating their engineering design thinking and product thinking.
Enlightenment Phase
Exploration Phase
Innovation Phase
Gravity-Powered Car
Straw Construction
Cam Mechanism
Balloon-powered Car
Light-Up Badge
Air Cannon
Wearable LED Lights
Ping Pong Ball Launcher
Creative Robot
Toothbrush Robot
Off-Road Robot
Scrap Car
Rube Goldberg Machine
Transforming Waste Wood
The Chronicles of Transforming Cardboard
Core Battle Robot Camp
Drone Camp (Project-based learning)
Scrap Robot Camp
Product Design Camp
Smart Home Camp (Level 2)
Smart Home Camp (Level 1)
Core Engineering Robot Camp
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